In a Life Circle Meditation Course, learn powerful yet simple meditation techniques, powerful tools for increasing awareness. Learn skills for maintaining a clear, uncluttered mind, the best state of mind in which to foster creativity.  Discover a internal place of calm and peace, where the mind is free of reaction and stress. This experience leads to a more focused productive life.

A Life Circle Meditation Course is one lesson a week, for ten.   Weekly lessons are designed as a set of the techniques, learned progressively. You will learn mediation techniques that are simple and effective, as well principles for applying the effects of those techniques to your daily life.

From lesson one through ten, learn techniques that allow deep relaxation of mind and body, visualisation, the powerful tool that breathing really is and how to use the life force held in the chakras, the spinal centres intricately linked with the body’s endocrine, immune and nervous systems.  Learn mindfulness, as a dynamic practice of remaining focused in the present, and learn how to tap into and use your intuition.

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What is meditation?

Simply put, meditation is the practice of purposeful retreat from the experience of the physical world, to the inner sphere of our human consciousness.

Meditation gives us a break from the stress of habitual reactive tendencies that we may rely on, yet have no control over, as we react to the world around us, every day.

Should I meditate?

The purpose of meditation is to calm the conscious mind, to cause it to become quiet and restful.   Once the mental reactions and body responses of to the stimulus of outside world is shut off, we are free from the habitual constant responses.

Will I see the effects of meditation right away?

During quiet meditation we make room for the opportunity to observe our habitual thought. What rises when we first sit still to meditate, are the thoughts that constantly churn in the background behind in our conscious minds. We are just so busy interacting with the outside world, we are not aware that the subconscious mind is ruling our decisions by habitual thought.

The place from which we observe the constant stream of thought is quite different from the thought process itself. We discover that we are not our thoughts. This is mindfulness.

What happens when I am meditating?

It is often said that in order to create, we need to be alone.

To be momentarily free from the interaction with the world offers an opportunity to be in touch with our creative force – intuition and imagination – lighter more refined spheres of thought.

And after meditation, when we return attention to the world, there remains some awareness of that connection and some of that refined light feeling stays with us.

Is it all hard work; is there some fun involved?

The experience of freedom from reaction is luxurious. It is like stretching our body, when we wake from a relaxing sleep. In that delightfully free feeling of stillness, we enjoy respite from the interactive demands of the every day world.

 Will I see my life change because of meditation?

The process of creativity involves transporting an idea from theimagination, which has unlimited potential and limitless energy, into the physical world.

In terms of today’s world, think of cyberspace. It is the most exciting concept around, as it is has no real form or boundaries. Our imagination works in the very same way.