Intergrated Communications

Communication, like water, is the stuff of life.  Words and visual imagery are the foundation of imaginative, powerful and clear communication that ultimately influences the culture we live in and guides and transforms the future.

Communication is vital to everyday existence. Like water, when flow is plentiful there is expansion and growth. Without communication, humanity does not survive.

Media & Public Relations

Creating a public face, whether for an individual or an organisation, can be complex and sometimes tricky.

Media is a powerful tool when used to advantage and a well-strategized media campaign can make or break a public relations campaign or a public face.

Meditation Courses

In a Life Circle Meditation Course, learn  simple, dynamic meditation techniques, powerful tools for increasing awareness. Learn skills for maintaining a clear, uncluttered mind, the best state of mind in which to foster creativity.  Discover a personal internal place of calm and peace, where the mind is free of reaction and stress. Repeating this experience leads to a focused productive life.  Read more…….

Some photos courtesy of Kerry Trapnell