Creating a public face, for an individual or an organisation, can be complex and sometimes tricky, and ultimately rewarding.

Media is a powerful tool that used well, can give edgy leverage to a strategized media campaign.

I work with clients to achieve, clear and concise messages. I advise and teach individuals and team members just how to interact with media: how to tell them, when, why and where.

Media campaigns can be complex or simple and be planned as an integral part of media and marketing strategies.

Campaigns are tailored to suit specific projects or interface with media:

  • Editorial calendar milestones coupled with advertising schedule
  • Promotions with highly specialised writing for science, culture and art
  • Media training ensuring you and your message are effectively expressed


Marketing and communication is establishing a recognisable brand and finding the right words, visuals and means for reaching the people you want to tell about your service or product.

Telling the story means:

  • Express clearly the mission
  • Establish core messages
  • Choose the right medium for advertising
  • Reach specific clients and stakeholders
  • Ultimately increase business capacity through positive marketing

Successful branding means instant recognition of your product or service through an individualised name and image. When consumers get your brand, they will remember it and your product.








Journalism & specialised writing services for off and online publications:

  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Scientific journals
  • Report writing
  • Feature editorial
  • Essays
  • Ghost writing
  • Editing
  • Social media platforms